In order to make exercises properly add to your list and be visible in dropdowns, you need to make sure they “enter the table”.
Here is a picture of an exercise list that is not properly formatted:

Steps to fix this:

    1. Close the sheet, then completely restart excel.  Reopen the sheet, and make sure you have macros enabled.
    2. Go back to your list, click the most recent exercise that is NOT in the table.  Click the formula bar, and press enter.
    If you see color enter behind the exercise, it has properly entered the table. Repeat this process for all exercises that are not entered into the table.  Going forward, the exercises should enter into the table.  If not, start at step 1.
Always add exercises in the most recent box in the exercise list; purposely leaving spaces will not expand the list to grow with your exercises.  You can use fillers if you need to.

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